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Anyone visiting Bhutan for the first time will feel the difference from the instant you get off the plane - a peaceful land that is timeless and steeped in culture and tradition.  You will notice happy faces and a lack of aggression in the people. 

For an idea of what type of tours are available to you and Bhutan tour recommendations, please go through some of our suggested tours.  To view a detailed itinerary, click on the summary of the tour.  Please feel free to crop and change any of the tours to best suit your Bhutan travel preference.


An experience of Bhutan for those that do not have the luxury of time to take in a more detailed tour of the Dragon Kingdom.  This tour takes you through two historically important valleys in western Bhutan – the bustling capital of Thimphu; and the beautiful valley of Paro, home of the Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest.

You can start this tour by road from Phuentsholing which borders the Indian state of West Bengal, with the option of exiting either from Paro by air or returning by road to Phuentsholing.  This tour takes you through three historically important valleys in western Bhutan in a relatively short period of time through Bhutan's foothills, the capital city of Thimphu, Punakha, and Paro - home of the Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest.


As the name suggests, the 3 Valley Bhutan Travel Package takes you into three historical valleys of western Bhutan including Punakha, the ancient capital and explores the heritage and traditions of Bhutan's timeless culture that still thrives today. 

This tour explores the wonderfully diverse environment of Bhutan’s western valleys. Travel over high mountain passes and through pine forests to hills covered in rhododendrons, magnolias and dwarf bamboo – abundant with birds and wildlife. Spend time exploring the beautiful Phobjikha Valley, winter home to the endangered black necked Crane (grus nigricollis) 

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Discover the highlights of Bhutan’s popular western and spiritual central valleys. Visit Dzongs, temples, monasteries, palaces, and witness Bhutan’s ever-changing scenic beauty. This tour includes a night in the stunning Phobjikha Valley, winter home of the endangered Black-Necked Crane(grus nigricollis) 

The 'Journey Across Bhutan" cultural tour is ideal for those who want to discover the true Bhutan.  This ultimate tour explores the cultural valleys of the west, spiritual central Bhutan and the rugged east.

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