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What's Happening in Bhutan Today

On this page, we'd like to keep our visitors updated with what's happening in Bhutan today and some local new and also articles that may have no relevance at all but maybe interesting.

Covid Restrictions

Tourism sector proposes "test-and-go" scheme with one-night quarantine
09 April 2022

Although the 14-day mandatory quarantine for international travelers has been brought down to five days, however, the tourism sector has proposed to the government for a test and go scheme with one-night quarantine requirement.

It was indicated that having a five-day quarantine would discourage tourists from entering the country. As a result, the tourism sector has proposed for one-night quarantine upon arrival, RT-PCR test upon arrival, and next day, if the test result is negative, then the tourist is allowed to visit all the locations identified as a green zone.


Currently, only arrivals by flight to Paro are entertained. The Chair of TCB, Foreign Minister, Dr Tandi Dorji, said that the government has not decided whether or not to welcome tourists via land because the border is still closed.

Lyonpo said, “We’re discussing about it because we need to make the policy changes before we open. We are also attempting to enhance the system, so it will take some time. We’re hoping to open in the autumn. TCB is in discussions with tour operators, guides, and hotels on how they will proceed once it opens. TCB has been holding several consultations. All of this will be implemented. It might take three months, but we are not sure.”

However, Lyonpo added that the tourists can arrive by land provided they are ready to comply with the quarantine requirement of five days.

Regional Tourists

The sustainable development fee of BTN1200 per day for tourists from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives introduced in the latter half of 2019 is currently under review.  Until finalised, the present fee will remain in place along with other covid protocols . 

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