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Travel to Bhutan

Located in the eastern Himalayas,  Bhutan is a destination that even the most seasoned traveller considers a privilege to visit. Sacred monasteries sit precariously on sheer cliffs, fluttering prayer flags line high mountain ridges, red robed monks chant in distant temples, and colourful masked dancers perform ancient rituals on sacred Dzong (fortress) grounds during Buddhist festivals. The people of Bhutan have drawn a rich culture from this heritage and made it the essence of their timeless identity.

Bhutan opened its doors to tourism only in 1974, with the number for tourists visiting Bhutan kept to an environmentally manageable level through government regulated tourist tariff. A Buddhist kingdom, Bhutanese are renowned for their happiness, and are a proud people who wear their national costume with pride. Travel to Bhutan with All Inclusive Bhutan Tours for an awe-inspiring tour to the land of gross national happiness. 

Bhutan Visitor Facts



38,500 sq km


Eastern Himalayas between India and China


0.7 million (approximately)




Paro (International - 1 hr drive from Thimphu), Bumthang (Central Bhutan) and Trashigang (Eastern Bhutan)


Bhutan is  GMT plus 6 hours

What to Pack:           

During the warmer spring and summer months (Mar-Aug), light clothing with an additional layer for the evenings (jacket or jumper) is advisable. In the autumn and winter months (Sep-Feb), a warm jacket, hat, gloves and fleece are recommended. Our travel consultants will      provide a detailed list of what to bring when you book your trip.


Democratic Constitutional Monarchy.

Official Religion:       

Tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism in Drukpa Kagyupa sect.


The official language of Bhutan is Dzongkha, however English is widely spoken across the country.


Ngultrum (Nu) - on par with Indian rupee

Exchange Rate:       

US$ 1 = Approx Nu. 75.


220-240 volt. Primary socket types are Euro, British and Indian.

National Bird:           

Raven (Corvus Corax Tibetanus).

National Flower:       

Blue Poppy (Meconopsis Grandsis).

National Tree:           

Cypress (Cupressess Corneyana).

National Animal:       

Takin (Budorcas Taxicolor).

National Day:           

17 December (1st King Sir Ugyen Wangchuck enthroned 1907)

National Dress:         

Gho for men and Kira for women.


Although not compulsory, tipping has become common practice in Bhutan. Tipping is entirely discretionary.

Dreaming of a getaway? Let us make the arrangements for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.  We are here to make your traveling experience as fun and relaxing as it should be.

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